How Do I Receive A Give Away Pokemon?

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How Do I Receive A Give Away Pokemon?

Post  Icewolf on Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:51 pm

Hey There Pokemon Fans!

To Receieve a Pokemon you need the following:
Either a DS a DSi or a DSi XL.
A copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.
A Pal Pad (Dont know what this is? Go to the FAQ for help)

On go to the Pokemon Give away page. Fill in the form at the Bottom of the page. You will recieve a reply on a date and time to receive your pokemon (Please state in the form a proffered time to get your pokemon). You will recieve a reply with 2 days,usually 1 day. Remeber you will need a trash pokemon to trade (a pokemon you dont want or dont need).

Hope this Help Guys!



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